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English as a second language is not only a connective language between the state and nation in India but also it connects the nation with the world. However, as a second language, its necessity is tremendous and one has to master its usage in both writing and speech in order to be successful in one’s own career or business.  

This course is intended to highlight the basics of English speech and its usage. It delineates the important pronunciation aspects that a learner should bear in mind while speaking the second language English. When they speak the most important aspect like word stress, sentence stress and intonation need to be followed to make one’s speech sound like English. This course is  mainly designed to assist the learners to master the nuances of pronunciation while speaking in English

Course Curriculum

English Sounds
  • Introduction
  • Assignment 1 - An Introduction to Phonetics
  • Consonant Sounds 1
  • Assignment 2 - Consonants 1
  • Consonant Sounds 2
  • Assignment 3 - Consonants 2
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Assignment 4 - Vowel Sounds
  • Strong and Weak Forms
  • Assignment 5 - Strong and Weak Forms
Stress and Intonation
  • Word Stress
  • Assignment 6 - Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress
  • Assignment 7 - Sentence Stress
  • Intonation: Falling Tone
  • Assignment 8 - Intonation: Falling Tone
  • Intonation: Rising Tone
  • Assignment 9 - Intonation: Rising Tone
  • Phonetic Transcription
  • Assignment 10 - Transcription
Final Assessment (50 Marks)
  • Mark allocation for Certification: 50 Marks for Assignments

Course Objectives:

1        To provide the learners a better understanding about the basics of English pronunciation.

2        To highlight the nuances of speech aspects of English language.

3        To introduce word stress and sentence stress.

4        To familiarize intonation.

5        To demonstrate phonetic transcription.

Course Outcome: 

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

1         Understand the different sounds of English.

2        Follow word stress.

3        Follow sentence stress.

4        Use Falling tone.

5        Rising tone.

6        Falling-Rising & Rising-Falling tones.

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Salient Features of the Course

Ø Highlights the difference in pronunciation between English and Indian languages

Ø Explains all the 44 sounds of English Language

Ø Teaches what is Stress

Ø Projects Word Stress and Sentence Stress

Ø Describes Intonation

Ø Differentiates Rising and Falling Tone

Ø Demonstrates Phonetic Transcription

Our Authors

Dr. M Subha

Dr. M.Subha completed her PhD in Indian Writing in English from the University of Madras in 2018. She is as an Assistant Professor in the Department of  English, Academy of Maritime Education and Training, AMET Deemed to be University, Chennai – 603112, Tamil Nadu, India, since October 2018. She has published a number of research articles in both online, indexed, refereed journals and books. She is an active and lifetime member in Athens Institute for Education and Research (Atiner), Athens, Greece. Her area of research interest includes Contemporary Indian Writing in English, Global Anglophone Literature and English Language Teaching.

Ms. U Pushpalatha

Ms. U. Pushpalatha completed M.A., M.Phil. in Presidency College, Chennai.  She has been pursuing her Doctoral Degree in English Language Teaching.  At present, she is an Assistant Professor, Department of English, Academy of Maritime Education and Training, AMET Deemed to be University, Chennai – 603112. She published several research articles in reputed journals and presented papers in Conferences. She has been the member of several professional bodies both in India and abroad. She is the co-author of the book Technical English II.  She has specialized in ELT and African Literature.  She taught German language in Arts Colleges.

Course Structure



Total no. of hours: 2 hours 30 minutes 

Unit 1: English Sounds: 1


Lecture No

Lecture Title

Lecture Duration



10 Minutes


Consonant Sounds 1

15 Minutes


Consonant Sounds 2

14 Minutes


Vowel Sounds

22 Minutes


Strong and Weak Forms

21 Minutes



Unit 2: Stress and Intonation: 2


Lecture No

Lecture Title

Lecture Duration


Word Stress   

15 Minutes


Sentence Stress

23 Minutes


Intonation: Falling

09 Minutes


Intonation: Rising

07 Minutes


Phonetic Transcription

14 Minutes

Assessment Pattern

1.      Number of Assignments  :10                   

Course Content

      1.            PPT of all the lectures with online reference Links

      2.            Assignments

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Course Fee -Rs.1999/- Free(code: ENGLISH25)

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