Introduction to English Speaking Course

English as a second language is not only a connective language between the state and the nation in India but also it connects the nation with the world. However, as a second language, its necessity is tremendous and one has to master its usage in both writing and speech in order to be successful in one’s own career or business.

            In India though English is a second language, its importance is multi dimensional. English is the Language 1 (L1) in English medium schools in which the mother tongue be it Hindi or Tamil becomes Language 2 (L2). Since maximum number of books published in English is high than the number of books published in any other regional languages, English has become the gateway to knowledge.   While the importance of English is greater in India, fluency in English usage is also mandatory in order to compete in international arena. An understanding of the nuances of English language and difference between the mother tongue (any of the Indian languages) and the second language English can play an essential role to provide a better language learning ambience.

            This course is intended to highlight the basics of English speech and its usage. It delineates the important pronunciation aspects that a learner should bear in mind while speaking the second language English. When they speak, the most important aspects as word stress, sentence stress and intonation need to be followed to make one’s speech enhanced. This course is  mainly designed to assist the learners to master the nuances of pronunciation while speaking in English.